New Videos and Updates

First Pool Time = FUN! from ellisondrive on Vimeo.

It has come to my attention that people NEED new Evelyn videos.  So, at your request(s) there are 23 new videos for your viewing pleasure.  If you want to watch them in order, please start with this video Giggling Girl from May 10th.

Also, while uploading these videos I made a few observations:

  1. 1.  There are almost always cloth diapers somewhere in each video
  2. If there are not diapers, there are most certainly a pair of shoes or two.  Most often there are diapers AND shoes
  3. I say, “Yeah!” all the time.
  4. It looks like she only has two different outfits/onesies.  Totally not true!

Since the videos got an update, I also updated the Flickr pics staring with this ONE.

And I just like this one of Evelyn and Copper on the rock 🙂

copper on the rock

Noteworthy details about Miss Evelyn since school ended for mama on may 25th:

  • No more paci! on May 24th, she wanted it. On May 25th she refused!
  • the 2nd top tooth came in.  No one slept much during this week!
  • mom’s arms get a serious workout from holding a little fussy bus teething girl ALL THE TIME!
  • learned how to crawl/drag herself and then turn and sit
  • learning how to stand up in her crib – ack, mom and dad had to lower that thing PRONTO!
  • learned how to pull-up on everything
  • learned how to wave – first demonstrated in the car to mama while waving to her in the mirror
  • had lots of fun play time at the library and with our friend Owen, at Monkey Bizness.
  • loves to pull things out of drawers
  • loves to open and close the little door on the leap pad learning table
  • loves to share by offering whatever she has and saying “heh” (here?)
  • loves the silky tags on her blankets and chews on them when she goes to sleep.
  • loves tags of any kind
  • has learned to love baby food.  Current favorites are “Peaches and Bananas” and “Spinach, apples, and Rutabagas”!
  • has learned to just stand and scream/yell in her crib until mom comes to get her – morning naps are a favorite time for trying this trick
  • loves to continually pull Kleenex out of the box.
  • tries to sneak in the bathroom whenever we leave the door open – mom and dad won’t let her, no fair!
  • loves to stand up and pull lots of recycle papers out of daddy’s office
  • STILL loves to jump, nearly any time!
  • has found the dog bowls and water
  • is fascinated with our dirty, dirty shoes!
  • can crawl but chooses to crawl a little and then belly drag using her left food to push off
  • continuously gets a dirty belly from the floor and doggie fur – despite mom’s attempts to sweep and vacuum all the time.
  • loves to push the buttons and pull the cords for the stereo – mom put a big painted canvas in front of it now so her fun is ruined!
  • Still loves the Baby Einstein Baby Monet Seasons DVD nearly anytime.
  • licks her lips whenever mom and dad are eating something – she want to try everything
  • played in the backyard pool and loves to splash and crawl around
  • went to the big pool at the rec center and REALLY had a blast growling/screaming and standing up along the sides
  • wasn’t a big fan of the floaty mom brought to the pool – way too independent
  • likes to “pet” the puppies and thinks it is hilarious when they sneeze
  • wakes mom up 2-3 times a night but “sleeps” for 12 hours start to finish
  • had her first big girl poop after lots of baby food.
  • still likes to nurse and is super quick
  • most happy when out and about and being social with other people
  • went to Carol’s for mom and dad’s anniversary and had a total blast
  • still loves the little girls, Alyssa and Natalie and Carol’s house and gets excited every time she sees them
  • kicks her legs, smiles and puts her arms up when we go into her room after naps/in the morning
  • “crawling” and pulling up to stand on everything while “talking” and jibbering.
  • Such a delight!

Six Month Check

this paper is awesome!

not guilty

I heart paper

mommy put my clothes on!

look at my cute bootie moccasins

Saying "HI" at my 6 month check

Baby Girl, this week you turned six months old so I took you to the doctor for a well baby visit.  You would have thought I took you to the playground the way you enjoyed yourself with all that fun paper and no clothes on.  You went crazy crunching and tearing that paper and when the doctor came in, you had it all torn up.  You also had a blast giving the nurse and doctor a run-around trying to listen to your chest/pulse with the stethoscope.  It was pretty funny to watch you grabbing their hands and pulling it away from your chest while “growling”.  We were able to distract you long enough to get the job done.  You also found it pretty funny when the doctor was poking around at your tummy.  So ticklish!  But then the fun ended when I put your clothes back on.   You were all, “WHHHHHHHYYYYY, mommy?”  But a quick look in the mirror and you were back to happy baby.  The doctor said you are growing great – weighing 15 lb 11 oz and 25.5 inches long which puts you in the 45% of all the baby girls out there.   She also said “go for it” when we talked about solid foods.  Holy Moley you are getting to be a big girl!

Rooting for the Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks played the Missouri Tigers recently for the last time and mom and dad got all excited and dressed me up in KU spirit complete with Rah, Rah Ruffles.  Whatever those are!  All I know is that when I woke up from my nap, they were both having a cow and yelling and jumping up and down.  And then they said we won.  Whoever “we” are.  Sigh…mom and dad are strange birds.

 paying heed

the fam

J and E for Jayhawks

ruffles are fun

Rah Rah Ruffles!


Bath Time for Bbbbbabies

Whenever I take a bath, Mom always shouts “Bath Time for Babies”.  Seems strange since I’m the only baby around these parts.

Oh well…

I still like her.

bubble bath
By the way, these letters taste great!

bathtime for babies

Especially this Letter B.

Letter "B"

Kinda reminds me of this great Sesame Street Song.

New Videos


Just a heads up for all you Evelyn lovers out there – 17 new videos have been added to the Videos.  Seventeen new rolling, sipping, squeaking, squawking, playing, grabbing, giggling, sitting, spitting, licking, laughing videos of that darling slobber mouth girl.


Bouncing Baby GIRL!

Evelyn is nearly five months old and passing the days away having a blast playing with toys independently and bouncing along in her jumper.  Happy days all around.

Breakfast bouncing!

Diggidy dogs and bouncing baby

Happy Baby Bouncer

Sweet Sleeper

This girl loves to sleep.  We are all so thankful she figured out how to go to be before 3AM and we are especially grateful for the pacifier which seems to really … pacify.  Somewhere around 3 months she started rubbing her hand against the sheet as she was drifting off.  She always starts with her head to the left and rubs with her left hand.  So precious, it almost makes me want to pick her up and squeeze her sweetness.  Almost.  

Sweet Sleeper from ellisondrive on Vimeo.